There is a sailing connection…

This has more to do with sailing than you would think at first. Years ago, when Jay first revealed to me his dream of having a great sailboat to live aboard, I was intrigued. I started thinking of the logistics of it all. And then we started seeing that friends and family, as they aged and got closer to retirement, weren’t always able to live their dreams due to sickness, etc. I’ve always said that it is important for us to be as healthy as we can be so we can enjoy our retirement (no guarantee but we know what happens if you aren’t healthy).

Like I said, I always knew this was important but I didn’t always follow through. After this last winter in the Bahamas it became increasingly obviously that we would have to be serious about the way we eat (and drink). I hesitate to announce this publicly, cause you don’t want these things blowing up in your face, but I have decided to eat whole foods, plant-based. Jay is along for the ride. This means, to me, that I will always prepare whole, plant-based foods for us but I will be respectful of anyone who invites us over or prepares us food. This is about progress, not perfection. This is about our health. I like what No Meat Athlete says here. I hesitate to call myself vegan because it brings to mind other aspects of living that I’m not following 100% (or at all). I find, though, that the side effects of a smaller carbon footprint and feeling like you are adding less suffering to the world is very pleasant.

So there it is…my big coming out. There will, obviously, be sailing and knitting on this blog but it will have more food sharing, too, just because I am so excited about this new way of eating. Anyone who tries to tell you that eating this way is limiting or boring…they have no clue! SO MANY DISHES, SO LITTLE TIME (and stomach space).

I’ll leave you with a picture of our Quinoa Veggie Sushi from a couple of weeks ago. And, yes, Jay liked it!


I am currently listening to Whole by T Colin Campbell, PhD and Eat To Live by Joel Furhman, MD. I am also reading Vegan For Her by Virginia Messina, MPH, RD. so much great info out there if you are interested.

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